(And Ronson Gears will be there!)

Not surprising given the current geo-political tensions, defence has risen to the top of many national agendas. This has been reflected in the demand for The Land Forces International Defence Exposition.
The event will be held at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre from the 4- 6 October.

Organisers have had to release an additional 2000 sq metres of exhibition space to cope with the continued demand, according to the article below in Manufacturers’ Monthly. Luckily, Ronson Gears have got a prime position on The Victorian Government Stand. Please come along and see how we have helped some of the biggest names in the Defence Industry.

Even with the additional space, 93% is already spoken for, so it’s set to become the largest defence event ever hosted on Australian soil.

With 2 months to go, it is already larger than the 2021 event. However, like its predecessor, it will provide a unique forum for defence, government, industry and academia to exchange insights and understanding that will develop future defence capabilities.

It’s also a market place where contractors and industries providing major acquisitions can meet decision-makers in defence, build new relationships, share knowledge and showcase the latest innovations.

Land Forces is a melting pot of these stakeholders and will help to imagine the defence needs of tomorrow. And this year, it looks like it’s going to be an extremely large melting pot! Make sure to search us out and locate us on The Victorian Government Stand. Click here to read more.