About Us

Who We Are
Past experience…

Ronson Gears was founded in 1954 by Ronald Charles New to serve the gearing requirements of local businesses.

We’re still delighted to work with our loyal customer base of local companies but demand for our services has grown exponentially. We now serve companies throughout the world across industries that range from aerospace to undersea mining. Manufacturing anything from spur gears, helical gears, bevel gears to gear racks and splined shafts. As partner agents for KHK Japan, we also have access to over 15,000 stock gears. This demand has been driven by our unwavering commitment to keep to our founding principles ‘a passion for precision’. A passion that has enabled us to become Australia’s leading gear manufacturer with a reputation for excellence that has created demand across the globe.

…future focus

We may be proud of our decades of heritage but our focus is very much on the future. We are embracing Industry 4.0 with investment in technology and robotics that create a seamless pathway from design to delivery. Offering the most extensive range of manufacturing services from turning, milling, gear cutting, grinding and measuring with industry leading quality and precision.

Ronson also believe in investing in training, as our people will pave the way for future success. Some training programmes often see them travelling the globe to learn from the best.

We work in a rapidly changing industry, and this is reflected in our Managing Director, Gordon New, serving on the boards of the Association of American Gear Manufacturers (AGMA) so we stay at the forefront of industry developments and influence.

Ronson are AS9100 Rev D and ISO9001:2015 certified by Lloyds Quality Assurance Limited – one of only two in the country. This illustrates our focus on ever greater controls and quality enabling us to work with industries such as defence and aerospace.

We are increasingly adding more value and partnership to our customer offer with sub-assembly services as well as gear metrology services.

Finally, Ronson are expanding into new regions notably in the UK and Europe where we have representation out of Bristol, England. We also export to Chile, Hong Kong, Thailand, USA and New Zealand as more companies seek our uncompromising commitment to precision and quality.

Our values

Ronson Gears began as a family business and that sense of ‘family’ now extends to both our people and customers.

Customers – Our gear solutions drive their passion

Our customers quickly recognise our passion to understand their needs and we partner with them to attain gear solutions that will ensure we meet their expectations. It’s what we do, and this collaborative approach and commitment is why we keep customers for decades and keep on attracting new ones.

Our people are our business

Our people aren’t part of our business, they are our business. Their commitment, expertise and willingness to go the extra mile is what makes Ronson Gears the leading gear specialist in Australia.

We place great value on training, support and progression. They learn from the best, to be the best – and if that means travelling the globe to get the right qualification – so be it. The Ronson Gears culture is happy, caring and inclusive. It’ why our people tend to stay with us just as long as our customers.