It’s a while since we have featured agriculture in our pages – but we haven’t forgotten how important it is for both the Australian economy and Ronson’s business.

So it’s interesting to look at the preview of a report on Agricultural Mechanisation in Australia by Mordor Intelligence.

You can go on to purchase the report in full but the forward provides a few interesting insights in itself.

The scope of the reports’projections are from (2022–27) when Australian Agricultural machinery is forecast to increase steadily.

The mechanisation has been fuelled by the need to improve the quality of productivity and the decline in the population involved in farming.

Unsurprisingly, tractors and combine harvesters are the most popular implements. However, there is a rise in the usage of data science, automation and communication technologies that can be coupled with this traditional farm machinery.

The need for more information and precision is due to a number of factors including increasingly erratic climatic conditions and local competition.

Just under 95% of all agricultural machinery and equipment is imported apparently. Major players include John Deere Australia, AGC Corporation, Kubota Australia, CLAAS KGaA mbH and Mahindra Automotive Australia Pty Ltd.

The preview of the report can be viewed here. Those wanting more can go onto purchase the report in its entirety.