BAE Systems delivers 20 ‘Optionally Crewed Combat Vehicles’ to Australian Army

Image Credit: BAE Systems Australia

The future of modern warfare is taking shape. BAE Systems is supporting a future-ready Australian Army using its world leading autonomous technology expertise.

The twenty M113 AS4 Optionally Crewed Combat Vehicles (OCCVs) are locally developed and fitted with a vehicle management System from BAE Systems enabling it to operate autonomously.

It’s an insight into the importance of autonomous technologies on future battlefields and is reported by Australian Manufacturing Magazine.

So how did the Australian Army work with BAE Systems on this project?

It began in 2019 with the team installing the technology into two M113 AS4 Armoured Personnel Carriers to enable autonomous operation. This was then extended to 16 M113 AS4 vehicles converted to OCCVs.

The project is about to enter its next stage with the Army trialling the OCCVs, engaging them in a multitude of activities. The BAE Systems team will collate the feedback and align the technology to needs with further upgrades.

Four vehicles were recently trialled as part of Exercise Koolendong, placing the vehicles in live-fire near combat situations in the Northern Territory.

This is a major step in making the Australian Army’s technological capability able to keep pace with new combat scenarios…..