Rolls Royce breaks record for fastest electric plane

The ‘Spirit of Innovation’ prototype has set, what is hoped, will be the record for the world’s fastest all-electric flight.

Ronson would like to congratulate the team at Rolls Royce in this giant leap forward for electrically powered aviation. We have visited Rolls Royce ourselves in the UK and benefitted from their informative tour and insights. In fact, our UK agents, Martin Farmer and Andrew Williams, worked at Rolls Royce in Sales and Operations.

The link to Driven magazine below features ‘Jet Zero’ in the headline, and it is certainly worthy of that accolade as it demonstrates the potential for electric flight. So what speeds did the ‘Spirit of Innovation’ manage to achieve? Read on

The flight was at Boscombe Down in the UK on 15th September this year.

If verified, the speed doesn’t just break previous records, it obliterates them. The ‘Spirit of Innovation’ attained a speed of 555.9 km/h (345.4 mph).  The previous record was 213.04 km/h (132mph). Rolls Royce has presented the flight data to the governing body, the FIA, for verification and to certify the record.

The power behind this milestone was a 400 kW (500+hp) electric powertrain and the most dense propulsion battery pack ever assembled in aerospace.

It demonstrates the viability of electric flight to answer many climate change issues.

Link to the full article below…