Artificial muscle – could it strengthen your manufacturing power?

Image credit: UOW

‘Science Breakthrough of the Year’ was the accolade given by Falling Walls Science Summit, reports the latest issue of Manufacturers’ Monthly.

So what is all the excitement about and what uses could this breakthrough research go on to deliver?

The research in question has led to the development of artificial muscles harnessed to miniature devices. These artificial muscles can bend, rotate or contract in length by twisting and coiling carbon nano tube or polymer yarns. The result is that the muscle fibres can be more powerful than those found in nature.

These fibres can be attached to miniature machines and offer the potential for a vast variety of applications.

Applications that could include surgery, robotics used in manufacturing, prosthetic hands, dextrous robotic devices and uses in the aerospace / space sectors where such dexterity could be utilised remotely.

The article and credits for this innovative and ground-braking research as well as further explanation can be found in the link here.