New edition of ‘Practical Gear Engineering’ free online

Gleason’s latest ‘Practical Gear Engineering’ textbook makes essential reading for anyone aiming to meet the challenges of today’s most common gear design and manufacturing issues.

Whether you are currently working within the industry or aspiring to do so, this new edition will provide excellent reference and you can access it free in the link below.

Author, Prof. Dr. Hermann J. Stadtfeld says, “Many solutions to everyday gear engineering problems are simply not found in common textbooks and are not typically part of the curriculum in engineering colleges. This is the reason why many answers to questions cannot be found in regular discussions online. To fill this void, Gleason has published this latest Practical Gear Engineering, to provide more insight into typical gear design and manufacturing solutions, and focussing on topics considered relevant for a larger audience.”

The books covers 41 topics, 395 pages and has 325 figures to aid understanding. Sections include:-

Part 1: Gear Design & Drawings

Part 2: Manufacturing of Gears

Part 3: Optimization

Part 4: Measurement & Testing

Part 5: Prototyping

Read it free online in the Gleason Library here.