Is anyone printing gears using metal additive manufacturing?

GMA set-up formal meet-and-greets with 13 companies for a 3D metal printing tour on the floor of the RAPID/TCT Show on May 23. (Courtesy: AGMA)

That was the big question posed by Mary Ellen Doran on behalf of AGMA’s Emerging Technology Committee to the wider gear manufacturing community.

8 months later we have the answers!

Not only that, but the committee has seen (and touched) a variety of printed gears. And also has gathered enough information to have published a paper on the topic, presented a webinar and hosted a hands on tour of metal 3D technology for its members.

The link here features the key points from the paper…

The webinar is also featured in the link to the AGMA site here….

The tour took place at the RAPID/TCT Show on May 23rd with 30 AGMA’s member companies in attendance (Pictured above.) In the coming months, the AGMA committees plan to continue to monitor the development of materials that can be used to print gears. They will work with members to get more examples of 3D printing gears, as available, and will monitor how the machine technology that has been designed for mass production in additive expands its use in the marketplace. They will then report developments back to members and identify the future possibilities for the mass production of gears using this technology.