In the AGMA updates section of Gear Solutions, Rebecca Brinkley, Communications Manager at AGMA, reports on how the all new Motion+ Power Technology Expo in October aims to deliver more of what delegates and exhibitors want.

She highlights some interesting statistics:-

90% of tradeshow attendees come to learn about services and products in their industry.

81% of attendees have buying authority

The average attendee spends 8.3 hours viewing exhibits at a trade show

According to the Center of Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR)

So how is the inaugural Motion + Power Technology Expo (MPT Expo) intending to deliver this and more?

The premise behind the Expo is to bring together the entire power transmission supply chain. Mechanical, electric and fluid powers. So attendees can satisfy all their needs under one roof.

While they are there they will see the latest technology and a focus on networking and education. The aim is to deliver more than just a change of name but a change in our ability to answer more needs for the delegates and exhibitors. It will be more relevant to more people.

The Conference for instance, is taking place during the MPT (Expo),  and will offer learning tracks for those end-user customers, emerging technologies and changes in manufacturing – a more detailed listing can be seen in the link here.

All in all, there will be more reason to go, more reason to stay and more reason to spend.