Ronson Gears. Investing in our business. Winning new business.

Investing in business and winning new business are inter-related. You cannot have one without the other as Ronson Gears have recently proved.  Our $2 million plus investment program and a major new global business win both demonstrate a bright future for Ronson. 

A $2 million investment program 

Ronson Gears is committed to continued investment so we can maintain our competitive edge and offer existing and new customers the highest levels of efficiency, service and quality standards. 

Over the last 2 years we have invested over $2 million on brand new equipment:- 

  • A high-end CNC slotting machine from Cabe in Italy bringing greater slotting speeds and higher levels of accuracy 
  • A Gleason P400 CNC Gear Hobbing Machine with further investment in work holding mechanisms that enable Ronson to gear cut more efficiently than ever before  
  •  A recently commissioned Klingelnberg Hoefler Viper 500 CNC Gear Grinding machine which gives us the ability to gear grind internal gears and to undertake free form grinding on top of our existing profile grinding capability. 
  • The investment did not stop with the machinery, however.  With each purchase we sent a team member to receive training on the machine and on two of the three occasions, a final sign off on the machine was performed. 

Winning against global competition 

Winning business against a global field in an international tender is validation that we are working to world class standards. 

That’s what happened when we made a successful tender for one of our existing key mining customers. The win means that Ronson will supply 100% of their local requirement and 50% of their German requirement for the next 3 years.   

This was a competitive bid sent to all corners of the globe so the team was very excited to hear that we were chosen to be their majority contractor on their gear requirements. 

So with all of the above, how does the customer benefit?  

Our facility will be able to offer our customers faster throughput. We will also continue to provide the highest levels of quality gearing that our customers expect. They can also have the confidence that they have a globally competitive option they can rely on – in their own backyard. 

The investment will also provide our export and local customers the reassurance that they are working with a company that has invested in their futures as well as our own. Ronson is looking to the long-term and is here for many years to come!