A Load Off Your Mind

In situ at Ronson the Kopfer (now part of EMAG) 160 machine

According to an article in the latest issue of Gear Technology magazine by Associate Editor, Alex Cannella, automated loading is one of the key areas of focus in gear manufacturing innovation.

Let’s face it, reducing downtime by minimizing set-up processes ticks boxes with gear manufacturers. It follows on from trends working successfully in the automotive industry.

Ronson Gears have been ahead of the curve in this respect, having been utilising auto-load technology for over 20 years. Another example of how we continue to set the benchmark in Australia for gear manufacturing technology. We currently have three auto load machines in gear cutting and a robot in our turning section to reduce downtime. However, we continue to search for the latest innovative solutions that suit our production needs – so found this article informative.

So, what are the latest developments and who are the companies innovating in this area?

This article shows how companies are tackling tool loading capabilities in various industry types and circumstances. Follow the article link here for the various solutions companies like Gleason, EMAG and Klingelnberg are currently promoting……