Gear Design. Do you speak the lingo?

This article in Gear Solutions by Brian Dengel is worth a read if only to test your own grasp of Gear Design language.

He begins by using the analogy of the frequent misunderstandings between parents and teenagers when it comes to text speak. It’s certainly worth ironing out any such misunderstandings between gear manufacturer and gear designer when it comes to the language of design. Probably even more necessary for those from outside the industry who want to communicate their gearing needs.

So Dengel has produced a concise micro dictionary in this article of some of the most common gear design phrases and their definitions. For some, it may be like teaching the proverbial grandmother to suck eggs but for many others it may be a useful guide or aide memoir. Whatever category you fall into it could be interesting to test your gear design language skills.

So follow the link here and see if you know your pressure angle from your pitch diameter….