See Ronson customer, Mark Pressling’s, instructive YouTube video presentation

The video features Mark using our KHK Stock Gears to make a Pull Gear Speed Reducer.

For those not familiar with the function of this device, it is mounted on a drill press motor shaft with a pull tab. It can then alter the speed of the drill arbor by up to 7:1 – allowing drilling to be performed at lower speeds without the loss of torque.

Pic of pull gear speed reducer from another video by ‘Tubalcain’ that also receives a mention


Ronson get a mention in the video as the source for: the ring gear (approx. 7” or 180mm), 4 planetary gears (2 each of 9 and 14 teeth and multiples) and a sun gear of 24 teeth.

This instructive video was made to demonstrate a DIY approach to making a Pull Gear Speed Reducer……

However, there must be some latent demand for the device as this video was brought to our attention by another customer in California who wanted our help in producing similar.

We are now on the case and more than happy to oblige this or any other request our customers may have.