Polyketone Polymers can answer the call for greater performance

Gear Designers are becoming more accustomed and accepting of specifying thermoplastics in their designs. With an increasing number of applications using thermoplastics, the performance criteria has also increased.

In his article in Gear Solutions magazine, Tim Morefield suggests that Polyketone Polymers can offer the solution to meeting the increasing demands for higher performance.

Thermoplastic resins are gaining increased usage in applications as diverse as assemblies in automotive, appliances, business equipment and an increasing number of other functions.

The performance demands on them have also increased. This article explains how Aliphatic Polyketone offers engineers 4 key advantages:

  • Increased wear properties
  • Better dimensional control/stability
  • Superior creep rupture performance
  • Quieter operation

The link here expands on these four areas and explains how Polyketone Polymers can deliver these enhanced characteristics.