Driverless trains – stopping at a station near you…

This makes a good story for the New Year as it heralds the shape of things to come.  Driverless technology begins to make in-roads with two reports of new deployment of driverless technology at the same time. 

Published in Australian Manufacturing magazine is Australia’s first driverless Metro train completing its first full test. See the article here.

We had also reported previously in these pages on the testing of Rio Tinto’s autonomous train to ship iron ore in WA….they have now graduated to operational deployment. See more here.


Driverless technology will not just be confined to rail. Driverless vehicles will be on Australia’s roads much quicker than people expect. According to this article in Australia is playing a pivotal role in the development of these vehicles and will be one of the places leading the way. Experts interviewed for the article think that within a decade they will be taking to our roads in greater numbers.