International Manufacturing Technology Show 2018 Featuring 3D Printed Gears

A 650 mm gear printed on GE’s ATLAS at IMTS 2018


A post on the Gears Matter Blogging page by AGMA’s Director of Emerging Technology, Mary Ellen Doran, reports on the rapidly developing ability for 3D printing technology to encompass the production and manufacture of gears.

Her focus was on the recent IMTS and its 3D metal print capability which is gathering pace with more entrants into the market. There’s ‘a variety of machines being developed to create dense metal parts from powder metal with unique twists and contortions’.

In addition to reading the detail of her blog (for those that are interested) you can join AGMA’s Emerging Technology Sub Committee –  her contact is provided for those that wanting to enquire about joining. See more here.

There are some big players entering the market now, which is a sign that this technology is (has) progressed to a commercial scale. Amongst others at the Show were HP, showcasing their new Metal Jet 3D printers. The video clip below provides a brief summation of how it works…..

….and see it in action on the shop floor at a VW plant…

During her visit Mary Ellen Doran was singularly impressed with the highlight of GE’s stand. The product of which is pictured above. It was printed using the worlds’ largest power bed system known as ATLAS.

The gear is approximately 650m in diameter and is made of HS188 alloy and is shown above still attached to the build plate. Talk about the shape of things to come!