Sustainability in Gear Manufacture

These days, companies in all sectors place sustainability high on their agenda. None more so than manufacturing because of its potentially higher environmental impact.

The sustainability record and environmental credentials of companies can play just as important a role in securing a contract as pricing and product.


So it may be of interest to read ‘Recent Developments in Sustainable Manufacturing of Gears.’

The downloadable PDF from Researchgate expands on several key areas of sustainability that can and are being implemented in the gear industry:

  • Reducing the use of mineral-based cutting fluids by employing alternative lubrication techniques
  • Minimum quantity lubrication and dry machining
  • Material saving
  • Waste reduction
  • Minimising energy consumption
  • Reducing the number of gear manufacturing stages
  • Eliminating finishing processes by employing methods such as gear rolling  and wire electric discharge  machining (WEDM)
  • Minimising tool wear through the use of alternative tool materials and coatings

To access a fuller account of this paper you are required to request a pdf download from the authors here.

For further reading on the subject the title linked here includes a little more on sustainability…..