Let’s polish up our act! Chamfering and deburring – an essential part of the drive for quality

The recent issue of Gear Technology magazine devotes a series of articles to the subject of chamfering and deburring.

The demise of this much maligned process (as some may have hoped) is way from the truth as these articles testify.

In fact, these processes play a pivotal role in the strides towards quality and precision required by many sectors such as aerospace, automotive, medical and robotics to name but a few. ‘Aerospace will spell out the size specifications of chamfering/deburring more than any other application.”

Many manufacturers deburr manually requiring skilled operators with years of experience. But we will see how this is giving way to technological and robotic methods that improve consistency and reduce downtime.

However, these articles seek to debunk a few myths regarding chamfering and deburring and illustrate how the process has been upgraded over recent years to improve the quality and the way in which it can be performed with the least impact to the production process.

The first article outlines why chamfering and deburring are more relevant than ever…

The following article reviews the latest technological solutions that often keep operations in-line with little or no effect on turnaround times…

The third article features innovations that allow deburring tasks to be implemented on the cutting machine after spiral cutting….

If you prefer watching rather than reading, here are a couple of videos featuring a selection of the latest deburring machines…..James Engineering Corp’s MAX System ‘patented top to bottom chamfering and deburring’…..

And the Gleason 100Hic in action – a horizontal hobbing machine with integrated chamfering and robotic loading cell…….

It all goes to prove that far from its demise, the deburring and chamfering process is more relevant than ever!