A start-up that aims to ‘redefine the Australian aerospace industry’

JAR Aerospace are interesting in a couple of key respects:

From a start-up less than two years ago, they have grown to a team of 29 and are still expanding rapidly, winning lucrative defence contracts for the development of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) with ambitions to take their expertise into space!

Secondly, they are tackling the problem of the shortage of suitable candidates head-on by launching JAR Education – an educational branch aimed at securing a growing workforce with relevant skills.

Their success story is reported in Manufacturers’ Monthly. One clear milestone in their short history was being awarded a $275,000 ‘Defence Innovation Hub ‘contract in January 2018 from the Australian Army. Their brief is to develop a hybrid vertical take-off and landing fixed wing unmanned aerial system.

Their ambitions go even higher as they aim to play a key role in Australia’s budding space industry by developing small rockets for low earth orbit operations.

The young team at JAR are certainly not short of vision. Their solution – JAR Education – to finding the right candidates for the roles they will be needing to fill in future, could be worth some more established companies looking at the model.

For a fuller account of their meteoric rise follow the link here…

….and a website link for further details of the company themselves can be found here.