AGMA – Tackling the people shortage head-on

The good news….

Most gear manufacturers are having a good time of it at the moment. Many AGMA members are reporting that they are overloaded with work and are struggling to meet demand. Customers are being told they have to wait 11-12 weeks before their orders can be fulfilled, some companies are working a 3 shift system, and others are asking for help from other AGMA members to meet demand.

…the not so good news…

So what happens when the impending skills shortage really starts to bite if we are struggling now?

In this article in Gear Solutions, Matthew Croson outlines the recruitment crisis the industry is facing and reports on how AGMA is going to help its 492 members fight our corner in the competition to recruit. Whilst the focus is on the US the same issues apply in Australia and elsewhere. The article also features further training on gearing which Ronson will certainly be utilising in conjunction with our Apprenticeship programs and internal training.

With the spike in the number of experienced people set to retire over the next five years and the increasing challenges of recruiting suitable replacements it could be the perfect storm. But let’s prepare rather than panic – and that is just what AGMA are doing with the aim of equipping members with the necessary tools to promote our industry…..