Hard Scudding – An easy decision to make

It wasn’t that long ago that scudding was developed as a process that could deliver greater performance and improved quality primarily in powertrain build-up.

Hard Scudding is now the new kid on the block (sort of speak) having been around for just a couple of years or so.

So what does Hard Scudding do that Scudding couldn’t? 

Well, Scudding did have its limitations and although it worked well on green and soft gears it wasn’t suitable for hardened gears.

Hard Scudding tackles those limitations and can provide the same performance and quality uplifts for hardened gears.

What’s more, for manufacturers already involved in Scudding, the capital investment is minimal as the same gear can be used on the same CNC machine with a solid carbide tool at the sharp end.

For more on the subject…this blog is a much cut down version of this article appearing in the AGMA newsroom and there is a previous article that appeared in Gear Technology when Hard Scudding first appeared which can be found here.