Data driven manufacturing puts you in the driving seat

In his post in Gears Matter (the blog pages of AGMA) Russ Willcutt, a contributing editor for Gear Solutions, explains why the information that can be harvested from your machines can put you in the driving seat.,

Machine monitoring technologies can gather extremely valuable data but the next step is actually making use of it. This is where Data Driven Manufacturing comes into play.

Data Driven manufacturing plugs back into the production system to enable manufacturers to take remedial action based on the information they have gathered and allow their machines and processes to run at optimum performance or more efficient levels. Here’s a brief video that provides you with an overview of Data Driven Manufacturing and what it can achieve.

In his blog post, Russ Willcutt goes on to describe various real-world examples that he has observed of Date Driven Manufacturing playing a significant role in improving the manufacturing process. We hope that it inspires you not just to collect the data from your machines but to use it. See more here.