Industry 5.0? Most of us aren’t up to speed with Industry 4.0 yet!

Most of us are now familiar, if not adopting Industry 4.0 practices. Although, there may be many working away still not entirely clear what the much bandied around term Industry 4.0 actually means: so here’s a quick recap courtesy of wikipedia.

So now that many of us are benefitting from the processes that have been termed ‘the fourth industrial revolution’ along comes Industry 5.0. Companies at the forefront of technology have already moved to the next generation Industry 5.0. So what exactly is it – and what’s the difference?

Kayla Matthews in her article in explains the difference between Industry 4.0 and Industry 5.0 – and you’ll be surprised.

Far from 5.0 graduating to ever higher levels of automated processes, it actually seeks to introduce a more human touch, collaborating with automation to add value.

Anyone that has longed to get a human voice on the end of the line to a call centre may appreciate this value. Okay, that is a rather over-simplified example but points of human collaboration with automation can add value as this article goes on to explain. So those of you still labouring away with Industry 4.0……do try and catch up! See the article here.