How your company can forge ahead in gear quality

As industry across all sectors strive to improve their competitiveness they demand ever greater performance from gears. It is developments in forging technology that is helping to attain the necessary gear quality levels required.

That is the theme of the article below by E. Buddy Damm and John Silvestro appearing in Gear Solutions. They make the case for forging providing several key benefits over casting for greater gear quality.

Will it convince you to favour forging as a better alternative?

The link to the article below provides key benefits that forging offers to attain levels at the higher end of the gear quality spectrum.

However, it is a combination of factors that offer the best results: the quality of clean steel, grade selections, suitable heat treatments and advanced forging processes all play their part in improving gear quality.

Please see the link here for an outline of the key benefits forging offers…

….and watch the video below to see how clean steel makes a key difference in gear quality.