One of the key journals of the industry, Gear technology magazine, celebrates its 40th anniversary this year.

Ronson Gear would like to congratulate them on hitting this milestone by featuring above an extract from their key moments.

These include the first ‘State of the Gear Industry’ survey, Ask the Expert feature – which went on to ‘Ask the Expert live’ and the launch, as early as 2003, of our Digital edition. Most recently Gear Technology India was launched to give a regional focus on a rapidly growing market.

As part of the celebration, they asked readers why they read Gear Technology magazine?

This was one of our favourites from over 200 responses……

“When I entered the world of gearing as a gear engineer in 1977, I was drawn to the mathematics behind every design and manufacturing process. My education was in mathematics, but I never would have anticipated using it in this technical field. We had our already established formulas and design criteria based on the years of experience in the heavy-duty truck transmission and axle business. But when the first issue of Gear Technology came out, it opened up a whole new world of research and new ideas. I still have some of the early publications, but I wish I had kept them all. Now…working as a consultant in the manufacturing world, I am back to reading most articles and using the advertisements as resources to investigate. I have encouraged all the engineers I work with to subscribe and it is fun to talk with them when they receive their first magazine. Thank you for doing such a great job for the gearing professions. By the way, I still have the set of Michelangelo gear sketches that you offered to subscribers in your first year in circulation. Congratulations on your first 40 years!”

It just goes to show how much this industry journal has become a mainstay of the profession. Read more here.

Happy 40th from all at Ronson Gears.