Additive Manufacturing (AM) is a transformative technology that is revolutionising industries from healthcare to aerospace.

However, it is critical to assess the density of the 3D objects in determining their material properties, structural integrity and overall performance.

The article below from addresses the significance of density determination in evaluating its suitability for various applications.

The relevance of density determination is focal to the performance of (AM). In areas such as healthcare and aerospace the accurate assessment of density is crucial to meeting the highest standards in quality and reliability.

Density determination ensures that each layer has fused correctly with no contamination or gas pores being created. The overall part retaining material integrity and performance necessary to meet the needs of the application. Density also influences mechanical strength and electrical conductivity.

But how can density determination be achieved without damaging the integrity of the AM component?
One leading method is from Dimensionics Density, an automated efficient and scalable solution, enabling rapid assessment of components within the production process. ‘Non-destructiveness’ being a key feature of the component’s assessment in analysing whether any layers have been compromised in its formation.

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