Ronson Gear’s home state of Victoria is launching an initiative to attract more women to consider entering, what many may presume, as the male dominated sectors of manufacturing and energy. This is according to the article below featured in Manufacturers’ Monthly.

Not only do they want women to put these sectors on the ‘consider list’ but to demonstrate that for women in manufacturing there are real opportunities for career progression. Read on
Let’s face it, manufacturing and energy have been struggling in recent years to attract skilled labour. Skill shortages are a key concern in these sectors and are always highlighted as one of the biggest challenges they face.

By widening the net and proving to women that they could enjoy a great career in these sectors is one way of tackling these systemic problems.

So these initiatives to make women feel more welcome and dispel a few myths like these sectors are a ‘men only’ environment will help more women join these industries.

The Victorian Government’s, Minister for Women, Natalie Hutchins, announced an initial $840,000 investment to deliver targeted initiatives to help students ‘try a trade’ and to provide monitoring of women employed in the these industries helping them progress to senior positions.

The money forms only part of the $2.7 million fund allotted to support the energy and manufacturing sector in attracting, recruiting and retaining women and removing barriers. See the full article in greater detail here.