According to this article in Gear Technology magazine, wind turbine demand is set to quadruple by the end of the decade. This rise is also accompanied by significant increases in the size of wind turbines and the power they are able to generate.

This means that manufacturers have to meet the demand and size challenges whilst seeking to produce gears that can operate in on and off-shore environments around the clock and for years to come with the minimum of maintenance. Component quality is key to this aim.

Gleason is one machine manufacturer that are helping address these challenges.

The article outlines how these capabilities can help at every stage of the production process. The design stage can utilise KISSsoft software which can reduce failure in the field, optimize design for greater efficiency and extend service life by years.

Manufacturing can call on a range of the latest Gleason Hobbing machines to combine both productivity with precision. Several hob head and workholding options are also available suited to the needs of large planetary gear manufacturing.

With quality requirements now at levels rarely seen for these size of gears a new generation of Gleason grinding machines steps up to the challenge offering high-performance grinding with best of class finishes.

For more specifics on the machines available and their capabilities see the full article here.