We’ve all seen the countless freebies given out to entice people over to stands at trade shows. If you’ve had enough of free pens – what about a beer?

According to an article in Gear Technology by Matthew Jaster, that is exactly what Dontyne Gears are offering due to their link to Backlash Brewery.

Both Dontyne Gears and Backlash Brewery are part of Dontyne Property and Leisure – it’s a link their using to their advantage at trade shows with the incentive of a free beer at their stands.
They have already used the products at trade shows in Germany and Japan and in 2021 and have expanded the brewery so that other companies could use the beer to promote their products.

Their beers didn’t feature at the IMTS 2022 but they hope to remedy that for the 2024 event.

So the next time you’re at an industry event and are offered a Mucky Dog or a Self-Made Maniac, just respond by saying Cheers!