The ability to find enough skilled manufacturing workers seems to be an intractable problem. Every company is saying that the lack of skilled workers is their no.1 problem but it doesn’t seem to stimulate much in the way of workable solutions.

This article in Gear Technology provides some ideas on how we might tackle this problem.

Is e-learning an answer?
It is so difficult for companies to allocate a portion on the workshop and key personnel over to training so e-learning could prove a solution.

One such initiative in the US is THORS (The Helpful Online Resources Site). This has been set up to capture decades of manufacturing and engineering experience on a single platform.

The training includes interactive elements utilising AR/VR which allows people to train without going into the workshop. It presents manufacturing in an engaging and appealing way and makes it accessible.

Focus on the person.
Madilynn Angel, Head of Marketing at Tulip Interfaces, believes that not enough attention has been given to the needs of skilled workers in the usability and design of tools. Operators need to be more of a priority from a performance, training and support perspective.

Visual Learning
This new generation entering the workplace has grown up with technology like no other generation before. They are accustomed to visual learning.

So, VR tools will become instrumental in introducing this generation to manufacturing in a safe and engaging way.

For instance, VR allows a trainee to learn about welding and practice welding techniques in a virtual environment before demonstrating those skills in the real world.

These are just an abridged version of the ideas within this article – read more.