This is certainly good news for aviation. Particularly given that business travellers tend to be the premium end of the market flying business class or first, rather than economy or standard.

In an article in linked below, they describe the new data as ‘eye-watering’ increases in business travel over the last six months.

Apparently, April saw the largest growth with a 135% increase overall. This is how the figures break down per state:-
South Australia – 204%
WA – 135%
Victoria – 109%
NSW – 109%
Queensland – 105%

The significant demand is being generated extensively by SMEs with top destinations including:-
Canada – 277%
UK – 73%
US – 71%
UAE – 56%
Singapore – 56%

The industry sectors travelling the most are :
Finance – 224%
Medical Industry – 103%
Construction – 60%
Consulting – 50%
Technology – 46%
Mining – 25%

The anticipation is that this will soar month after month. The introduction of direct flights to major cities such as New York and London in the next few years will also provide much needed impetus to aviation after the pandemic years. For the full article, click here.