Two articles in Australian manufacturing illustrate the efforts the mining industry in Australia is making for a more sustainable future.

Mining doesn’t have a reputation as one of the greenest industries. Its very nature, means the movement of colossal amounts of earth to extract reserves. This in turn demands super-sized machinery and enormous power to drive them. However, the industry is making equally giant strides to makes its processes as green and efficient as possible.

Here are a couple of examples that go towards this more sustainable mining future.

The Northern Goldfields Solar Project is a scheme to replace legacy diesel and gas-fired power in BHP’s Nickel West’s Mt Keith and Leinster operations.

TransAlta is commencing construction on what will be one of the world’s largest mining solar and battery energy storage systems.

When complete it will reduce emissions by 54,000 tonnes of CO2-e per year. See the article with embedded video of the construction and operation here.

Meanwhile, it is announced in that Fortescue’s decarbonisation strategy takes a step forward with the procurement of two new battery locomotives, read more.

It goes to illustrate the strides the mining industry is making towards a more sustainable future.