Living It Large

If your interest or specialisation lies in large gears, then you don’t want to miss the latest blog by Matthew Jaster in the pages of Gear Technology magazine.

It’s an eclectic compilation of pieces of interest revolving around (if you’ll pardon the pun) the topic of large gears. Here is a brief round-up of what you’ll find.

There is an introduction to FLS Smidth’s attendance at MINEXCHANGE 2022 to celebrate mining innovation.
Next, there is an historical restoration project named ‘Operation Buffalo’. It requires like-minded individuals or companies to help fund the restoration and then preservation of an LVT gearbox with the Crowland Buffalo LVT Historical Group. The subject of the campaign has been preserved thus far in a World War2 military amphibious landing craft.

Finally, there is a piece on Industrial Gearbox maintenance. So, if you’re into large gears, head this way.