What does the gear manufacturer of the future look like?

Following on from The State of the Gear Industry Survey 2021 in the last blog it may be fitting to look at what Gear Manufacturing will look like in the future. When we say the future, we mean the near future, stuff that is happening right now or is just around the corner.

This article in Gear Technology by Matthew Jaster, Senior Editor, combines three articles by Klingelnberg, GAM Enterprises and Gleason that examine the changes they are making that will improve Gear Manufacturing from today onwards.

So between these leading companies in their fields they cover:-


  • Advances in Optical Metrology with Sensors & Data Acquisition
  • High Accuracy in the Sub-Micrometer Range
  • Reducing Measurement Times

GAM Enterprises/ Fusion Cobotics:-

  • CNC Robotic Solutions
  • A Cobot Solution


  • Improving hard finisher of gears
  • Burr-free gears for E-Drives/ Truck-sized gears

Follow the link here to find out more about developments coming to a work bench near you….