Holden closure not indicative of Australian manufacturing sector

GM’s decision to pull the iconic Holden brand put the state of the Australian manufacturing sector in the spotlight this year.

Whilst some pundits were speculating on the demise of Australian manufacturing, this is far from the case…..

“General Motor’s decision to retire the Holden brand….is in no way indicative of what’s happening right now in Australia’s vibrant manufacturing sector.” said Dr. Jans Goennemann, Managing Director of the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre.

Now sceptics may say that he represents an organisation with a vested interest in talking up the fortunes of Australian manufacturing.

However, our own experience at Ronson Gears has seen continuing strong demand and robust orders despite the challenging climate.

This is also supported by the data from the Ai Group’s Australian Performance of Manufacturing Index which jumped to 51.5 in June of 2020. Production and new orders returning to strong growth.

Whilst this is a mere snapshot of a point in a very changeable period is does demonstrate that Australian Manufacturing is in better shape than some of the doom merchants are suggesting.

In fact, at Ronson we are extremely optimistic about the future and believe many more in the manufacturing sector are equally upbeat.