Supply chain management now has to work to new rules

If the pandemic has taught us anything it’s the fact that our supply chains can be fragile things. It has made companies re-think the stress points of their supply chains. The latest Gear Technology magazine runs an article throwing some light into the supply chain for Gear Manufacturers and provides some valuable food for thought.

Many gear manufacturers have faced the same dilemma: trying to protect their continuous supply chain versus over-reaching on cost management.

The article interviews several companies in the supply chain, Ovako, TCI Precision Metals and Dura-Bar for their insights, comments and advice.

The article highlights a few basic principles:-

  • Enhanced customer communications to manage expectations to achievable levels
  • Technology and data-drive manufacturing to identify the pinch-points to make your company more reactive and agile
  • Research is key for gear manufacturers when working with a supplier to minimise delays
  • Identify the key figures across the handover process and establish a dedicated pattern of communication

The suppliers thought that there will be a greater need for gear manufacturers to become more agile, faster, cheaper and more responsive to customer demands. Ronson Gears have been ticking these boxes with our emphasis on technological investment, lean processes and customer focus and this has helped us in this difficult period. For more insights and a more expansive view of the interviews follow this link….