AMT Magazine features Ronson Gears’ transition from traditional to advanced manufacturing

In the latest issue of AMT (Australian Manufacturing Technology) magazine, Ronson’s Gordon New reveals the elements that enabled Ronson Gears’ transformation to an ‘advanced’ manufacturer.

The importance of this is highlighted in the introduction to the article. Taken from an address by Ai Group CEO, Innes Willox to The Vernier Society, he stresses the importance Advanced Manufacturing will play in Australia’s future prospects. He makes the case for inspiring traditional manufacturers to make the transition…..just like Ronson Gears.

Founded in 1954, Ronson Gears could have been regarded as the typical traditional manufacturer. After all, gears have been a traditional component dating back hundreds of years BC. So, how did a business with such traditional roots evolve into advanced manufacturing?

Willox’s address outlines his criteria that defines an advanced manufacturer:-

  • High added value
  • Knowledge intensity
  • Investment in the workforce
  • Innovation
  • Global outlook

The full article in the link below expands on these definitions and shows how Ronson Gears has adapted to meet them.

Whilst this hasn’t been achieved overnight, it has been instrumental in our ability to maintain and expand our client base and enter new sectors requiring high degrees of precision.

We certainly urge other companies to adopt advanced practices to meet both the challenges and opportunities ahead. Be inspired…..

See the article here.