Can hybrid steel be right for your application?

Hybrid steels show many interesting properties and characteristics relevant to gear applications says Lily Kamjou and Joakim Fagerlund, MSC, in their article in Gear Solutions magazine.

The increased demands on mechanical properties at elevated temperature has been a driver behind the development of Hybrid steel.

A development that, thus far, has resulted in two steels that the authors have labelled Steel 1 and Steel 2. Read on

The article describes their compositions and properties as well as tolerances under various conditions.

Some of the properties of these steels that can be relevant to gear manufacturing applications are listed below:-

  • Low microstructural segregation.
  • High-volume, cost-efficient production.
  • High strength, especially at elevated temperatures.
  • Ultra-high strength with good weldability.
  • High hardenability enabling low distortion.
  • Excellent surface treatment possibilities.
  • Good corrosion resistance.

This is an on-going project and further tests and performance measures are being planned. However, the hybrid developments and performance characteristics look extremely interesting for gear manufacturing. Follow the link below for information on these developments and characteristics……