And here’s the good news!

A welcome relief. Some good news.

Never has it been more important for our sense of well-being to hear some good news as a source of relief from the seemingly never ending bad news.

So it may be a much needed tonic to try ‘the good news network’ once a day. They have a business section that can provide some inspirational ideas and positive stories on how businesses are rising to the challenge in this current climate.

So what sort of good news is there around?

Although much of the news is sourced from the US – such is the nature of globalisation, most of this is relevant to most developed nations….a few tasters are…

BMW – the first carmaker to join the responsible mining initiative……..

Tesla – the first EV company to assemble 1 million vehicles….

Hotels opening up free rooms to healthcare workers…..

Starbucks and McDonald’s aiming to replace 250 billion cups with recyclable alternatives….

Anyway, you get the picture… if you want the antidote to the never ending tide of bad news ….here’s some good news….