State of the gear industry

It’s that time of year again when Gear Technology magazine publishes its poll of gear manufacturers in a survey that examines the latest trends, opinions and overall health of the industry.

 It provides a good annual barometer and yardstick to compare your own company’s performance. The results are largely compiled from North America but they do include a cross section from around the world.

So are your experiences typical or do they vary from the rest of the gear industry? It’s time to find out…

For those of you that just want some headline findings – here they are:-

  • Only 75% of companies indicated optimism, lower than nearly 86% reported last time round.
  • The old perennial of finding skilled labour tops the list of challenges again.
  • However, moving up the ‘worry list’ are political uncertainty (now a close second to finding skilled labour) and the general economic climate.
  • Just over 48% report production output increases compared to nearly 37% reporting a decrease and just under 15%  flat-lining.

For further results on sales volume, expected future production output, capital expenditure projections and more see the link here.