The unique gear combinations of crossed helical gearing

In this interesting article by Brian Dengel in the ‘Tooth Tips’ section of Gear Solutions, he discusses and explains the very unique potential of helical (or screw) gears.

Helical gears allow non-parallel and non-intersecting shafts to work together where the ‘ying’ and the ‘yang’ do meet!

But how far can we push this and what are the tolerances for such gearing types?

Although the most popular helix angle for screw gears is 45 degrees any helix angle greater than zero degrees is possible.

Bran Dengel takes us through the permutations. Common to all however, is that the ‘proper thrust bearings must be selected so that they absorb the thrust loads imported by the helix angle.’

The ability to mix helix angles allows screw gears to be so adaptable and suit a unique range of applications – features not found in any other form of gearing. So it is well worth looking into the possibilities. See more here.