Quality you can count on

Quality they can count on. That’s what customers want – as they need to rely on our job to enable them to do theirs.

Ronson Gears have a commitment to excellence and provide our customers with the quality, performance and reliability they demand.

To ensure the products that we manufacture can meet our customer’s needs, we follow strict procedures that are governed by independent quality standards.

These procedures and the standards we adhere to, have enabled us to be certified for both IS0 9001: 2015 and AS9100D.

Our gear quality grades regularly exceed AGMA 12 / DIN5.

So what do these quality standards actually mean?

AS9100D /and ISO 9001:2015 

These quality standards assess our capability to work to the very highest standards of precision needed to meet the most exacting requirements of the aviation, aerospace, defence and mining industries.

Obviously the tolerances that are required to work in these environments are the most exacting. Our ability to meet these quality standards illustrates our products are manufactured to the highest levels of precision.

The certification states the following remit:

‘The manufacture, machining and assembly of gears and gear products for the aviation, aerospace and defence industries.’


DIN is the European (ISO) equivalent and AGMA12 are the standards set by the Association of American Gear Manufacturers

All this should give our customers all the reassurance they need when specifying Ronson Gears for their project.