15,000 reasons to look at Ronson Gears

As the exclusive distributor for KHK Stock Gears in Australia and New Zealand, Ronson offer access to a range of over 15,000 metric stock gear products. There are around 1800 lines held within our Melbourne base alone!

It’s both a convenient and cost-effective option, but if you can’t find a product to suit, we also obviously offer custom-made solutions.  But how do KHK increase the likelihood of finding the right gear for your needs?

When gears in service break, the person tasked with maintenance can easily turn to an immediate replacement if a stock gear is suitable. To make this eventuality more likely, KHK gears are largely composed of metric gears which make use of a standard module in the pitch of the gear teeth.

Options include:-

  • Spur gears, Bevel gears, Helical Gears, Worm Gears and Racks
  • Variety of pitch of teeth, sizes and materials
  • Gear grades – ISO, JIS, DIN, AGMA etc

To help you choose the correct gear product, click here to be taken to KHK’s website. For prices and availability, please phone Michele 03 9276 8900 or email sales@ronsongears.com.au