AGMA, ISO, API….but how do you rate the rating methods?

That is the question posed in the latest issue of Gear Technology magazine by John M. Rinaldo. His paper, the link to which can be found below, makes it easier to assess the rating choices available and the impact those choices can have on gearbox design.

His format offers a brief introduction and history of each standard, outlines the basic differences and presents two sets of examples in both tabular and graphic illustration. These are fully discussed to aid evaluation.

Eight standards are evaluated:

AGMA 2001/ AGMA 6011/ AGMA 6013, ISO 6336/ API 613/ API 617/API 673 & API 677

Various topics are discussed such as:

  • The effect of ratings standards on the size of a gear set designed for a specific application
  • Some standards use service factors others safety factors
  • Difference between ratings standards for specific gear sets
  • The positive and negative consequences of imposing more ’conservative’ design

Could your gearbox design be compromised by your choice of rating system? The link here could provide the answers you need…