Victorian Manufacturer wins Award … and customers are winners too!

Victorian gear manufacturer Ronson Gears was recently announced winner of the “Enterprise Connect Significant Achievement Award”. The award recognizes the significant achievement of Ronson Gears in improving its productivity, competitiveness, sustainability or innovative capability since completing the Enterprise Connect Business Review and Tailored Advisory Service project in 2012.

The Enterprise Connect Business Review recommended that Ronson Gears implement lean principles. Ronson Gears successfully applied for an Enterprise Connect Tailored Advisory Service (TAS) which was used to apply lean principles to its production of gears for the aerospace, agriculture, automotive, defence, energy, medical, mining and rail industries. With the assistance of TXM Lean Solutions, visual and 5S systems are being utilized resulting in the significant improvement in turnaround times that have been applauded by Ronson Gears’ customers, both at home and abroad.

“Traditionally, orders would tie up machines for a week at a time, holding up other work and bringing everything to a standstill. The reduction of batch sizes enabled us to deliver gearing to our bigger customers on time, more regularly,” explained Gavin New, Marketing Manager at Ronson Gears.

“The recent purchase of a new CNC cylindrical grinding machine has also enabled us to have better control over deliveries and costly sub contracting bills.”

Ronson Gears sources the latest equipment and system developments in gear manufacturing from around the globe. The business has an enviable collection of the latest CNC machinery to manufacture a wide range of gears to the highest international quality standards. This optimum capacity has also assisted with another ‘significant achievement’.

The Enterprise Connect Business Review also recommended that Ronson Gears conduct a market analysis to locate growth markets and improve its planning system. The recommended market analysis strategy paid dividends, with Ronson Gears export business delivering an impressive 272% spike.


Through membership of the AGMA and Eurotrans, the European Committee for Power Transmission Engineering, Ronson Gears is regularly represented at international meetings and events of the Gear Industry and Managing Director Gordon New has addressed conferences on behalf of the Australian Gear Industry in China, Japan, the USA and Germany.

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