Gleason Cutting Tools Corporation, Rockford IL, USA.

The ‘Plimsoll line’, as you may know, is a mark on the hull of commercial ships to gauge if the vessel is properly loaded. It is named after its founder, Samuel Plimsoll, who was a British Member of parliament concerned about the loss of ships and crews on vessels that were overloaded. The line indicates the maximum depth which the vessel can safely be immersed when loaded with cargo. It is therefore apposite that ‘The Plimsoll Analysis’ is so named as a gauge of whether 202 cutting tool and machinery companies are able to stay afloat.

Found in the ‘Member News’ section of the AGMA site, this is crucial information for gear manufacturers and other customers who need to know the health of the companies they are trusting to spend their capital investment with.

Gleason Cutting Tools Ltd was awarded a ‘strong’ rating in the new 2024 analysis.

This analysis will enable you to see the financial performance of the UK’s largest cutting tools and machinery companies.

50 companies within the sector have been rated as in ‘Danger’. 9 out of 10 failed companies were given this rating by Plimsoll.

2024 is also set to be an active year for increased takeovers in the UK Cutting Tools and Machinery market. The new analysis has revealed 12 major companies vulnerable to take over.

Given this, if you are thinking of investing in Cutting Tools and Machinery it could be wise to have such information at hand.

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