First of all, Ronson Gears would like to wish our staff, customers and industry colleagues all the best for the forthcoming year. And, with this n mind, we thought we would kick off by looking at what 2024 could have in store from a manufacturing perspective.

Manufacturing Today, highlighted 10 manufacturing trends set to shape the future of the industry. Which one’s will you be adopting in 2024?

The 10 manufacturing trends for 2024 highlighted in the Manufacturing Today article featured below are as follows:-

  1. Digital Twins – enables real time monitoring and simulates impacts on operational changes before implementing them.
  2. Reshoring – bringing production home to create more resistant supply chains.
  3. Reskilling Workforce – on-going training to keep pace with advances and ensure a more agile workforce
  4. Carbon neutrality – accelerating efforts to achieve this goal by greener manufacturing initiatives and reducing emissions
  5. Industrial Automation – will continue at pace with robots and cobots also incorporating links to AI
  6. Additive Manufacturing – again, something mentioned in previous years, but this will expand to incorporate a broader range of materials and applications
  7. Artificial Intelligence – will optimize production lines, predict maintenance needs and improve quality control. It will extend into areas such as supply chain optimization, demand forecasting and human-robot collaboration.
  8. Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT). Increasing connectivity via IIOT devices will provide real time decision making, improved asset management, predictive maintenance and smarter supply chains.
  9. Cloud computing – with operations increasingly cloud-based, flexible and scalable
  10. Sensors and connectivity – will be integrated into manufacturing equipment enabling data collection and analysis. Censor technology will also be integrated into products allowing life-cycle reporting for continuous product improvement.

2024 could see your organisation incorporating or extending some of these ‘trends’ into your organisation. Whichever you adopt we wish you a happy and prosperous New Year.