The second edition of Gear Technology India is now available, after a superb response to the inaugural issue. The dedicated edition signals how important India has become as a manufacturing powerhouse. This is set to continue at pace.

India’s industrial output grew 5.2% year on year to January 2023 according to Reuters, with growth in GDP at 6.9%. This is in stark contrast to many other countries in the world.

Demographics are a key driver, with India’s population estimated to have overtaken that of China. India also boasts a burgeoning middle class which acts to increase demand for goods and services.

So, India’s manufacturing base is expanding rapidly to cater for these needs and with it the demand for gear solutions. That’s why India merits a dedicated magazine to focus on the sector.

However, the opportunities and latest developments should be of interest to organisations across the globe who want to expand and form partnerships with this rapidly growing geographical sector.

The introduction to the second issue is by Anitha Raghunath, Director of Virgo Communications and Exhibitions Pvt. Ltd.

She emphasises a commitment to building a community for the Indian Gear Industry and how they seek to expand services by offering webinars and customised training sessions to enhance employee’s productivity and performance.

Given support for the first issue, there is clearly demand for the focus on Indian Gear Manufacturing. A focus companies in other geographical areas may also be keen to be a part of.