MIT engineers are hoping to help doctors tailor treatments to patients’ specific heart form and function, with a custom robotic heart. The team has developed a procedure to 3D print a soft and flexible replica of a patient’s heart. Image credit: MIT

I noticed whilst reading australianmanufacturing.com how many articles were on 3D printing. It demonstrates how much of a seed change 3D printing is beginning to make and how many applications it can be used for. Everything from making human organs to building a lightweight satellite.

Below are 9 links to prove my point – but to save you the time of looking at them all: here is a brief summary of the kind of extremely varied applications they include.

3D printing is certainly proving its versatility if you look at the extremely diverse applications it is now being used for:-

  • Sidus Space is using a 3D Printer to optimise the weight of a space satellite – re-designing the whole structure to be as light as possible – read on.
  • Argonne National Laboratory has discovered a means to consistently manufacture 17 4 PH Steel using 3D printing processes while keeping all of the material’s high-value properties – read on.
  • 3D PRINTUK ranks in Europe’s fastest growing companies with an absolute growth rate of 171.6% – read on.
  • Colombia University engineers 3D print a seven ingredients dessert, constructing a cheesecake from edible food inks – read on.
  • Meanwhile the University of Texas has used 3D printing techniques to produce rechargeable batteries from Luna and Martian soil samples – read on.
  • Missouri University of Science and Technology is leading research focussed on a method of 3D Printing nano-particles to create human tissues and organs – read on.
  • NASA is investing in 3D printing to advance climate research – read on.
  • MIT researchers develop a 3-D heart that functions like a real one – read on.
  • Finally, in Korea, 3-D printing has overcome the limitations of welding to be able to produce more complex structures out of metal – read on.

There is no doubt that3-D Printing is going to make a huge impact across many industry sectors.