Research was led by Professor Shawn Kook

The conversion process can be carried out in truck and power equipment transportation, agriculture and mining; reducing CO2 by more than 85%.

Engineers who have developed the process, which converts a diesel engine to run as a hydrogen-diesel hybrid engine, was announced in a new media release by UNSW Sydney.

Using green hydrogen produced by renewable energy sources it is much more environmentally friendly than diesel.

In fact, the patented hydrogen injection system reduces CO2 emissions by 85.9%. So could this system transform your fleet and other capital machines to provide a greener solution?

This development could be particularly significant in Australia given its presence in mining, agriculture and heavy industry where diesel engines are extensively used.

Retrofitting diesel engines that are already in use is a much quicker alternative than waiting for new fuel cell systems to be developed and in production.

So what’s the secret – if you put hydrogen into the engine and let it mix feely together with diesel it will produce harmful nitrogen oxide?

However, the research team have demonstrated that the Hydrogen-Diesel Direct Injection Dual Fuel System specifically times the hydrogen injection to control the mixture which resolves the problem.

It’s a major step forward to convert existing technology rather than waiting for solutions to catch up. For more detail please refer to the attached article.